About us

Global Business Strategies is a Global Project Management Company. We provide the solutions to help countries in their evolution and innovation processes. We specialize in the management of international projects, projects that require a technological component in order to be developed.

All projects are managed and assisted from start to finish.


Working in collaboration with worldwide leading companies, GBS provides tailored solutions to satisfy our customers´ expectations whilst complying with all project objectives. To accomplish this, we supply and utilize the most advanced technology through the best professionals in each field ensuring success.


The aim of GBS is to provide governments with a worldwide reference point in project management. To lead to a new and clear vision of the future for their citizens and countries. The goal is simple, to help these countries to grow and evolve by implementing our solutions to improve their quality of life.

Our values

  • Innovation:Using the most advanced and effective technology, we can guarantee an effective and efficient method of implementation to secure success.
  • Development:To assist in the growth of countries and territories by providing a clear and sustainable solution to improve the lives and opportunities of the population.
  • Cooperation:We believe in teamwork and support the power of people. We are confident in their potential and we will assist the individual to achieve their goals.
  • Sustainability:We adhere to EU environmental requirements and legislation. GBS supports research and innovation in sustainable technology that we use to develop new environmentally aware production systems.
  • Resilience:We are experienced in overcoming hurdles and working under pressure to resolve complex business situations.

GBS supports Human Rights, equality and respect. A main reason as to why we are affiliated with the UN Global Compact’s Organization. We support and respect this organizations values and beliefs in all our projects and we actively promote these standards on a daily basis.

GBS encourages the generation of employment and the freedom of association. We respect the rights of workers and abide by all aspects of the legal system.

Our recruitment strategy is based on assessing the individual candidate’s experience, qualifications and skills.

A part of our responsibility is to give support and enhance the creation and innovation in sustainable technology, with the aim of putting it to use in the new projects. In short, the best available technology and knowledge transfer is our most important mission.

Innovation, Development, Cooperation, Sustainability, Resilience

Services we provide

GBS is a consultancy company, specializing in project management. We offer services in feasibility studies, master plans, tender design (FIDIC Yellow Book) and the provision of detailed final drawings for Engineering Projects and also the supervision of these works. We highlight and develop technology and transfer these processes and knowledge to the customer.

We provide the tools and knowledge needed to achieve our customers' goals.

The process begins with a viability study by our team of experienced professionals, to determine the customers individual objectives. Working in conjunction with the local government, we develop the solution and strategy to satisfy and achieve the project goals.

During the implementation phase, a vital part of the process is the training of the local workforce, planting the seeds for independent, local development. Once the project is brought to a successful completion, local trained technicians will be in place to manage the infrastructures and industries, ensuring autonomy in the future.

We cover broad areas in the industrial sector:

  • Technology Transfer
  • International Financing
  • International Marketing
  • Information Technologies
  • Hydrogeology and Geology
  • Biotechnology
  • Logistics
  • Urbanism
  • Industrial Procesess
  • Construction
  • Energy
  • Engineering
  • Education and vocational training
  • Multilateral Development Organisms
"We provide the tools and knowledge needed to achieve our customers' goals"


GBS has a wide network of experienced professionals, experts with both local and international knowledge of most continents:

Eastern Europe:
Biotechnology, agriculture, construction, energy and water treatment plants.
Sub-Saharan Africa:
Leather sector, education and vocational training schools.
South America:
Building materials, energy, engineering and construction.
North Africa:
Engineering, construction and water/waste management.
Education, construction, leather sector, food industry and real estate projects.
A wide network of experienced professionals, experts with both local and international knowledge.


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